Warranty & Maintenance

1 -Year Limited Warranty on Residential Countertops.

Workmanship only.

All natural stone countertops are sold “As-Is”. It is standard in our industry to not warranty natural stone. Best way to care for your natural stone countertops is to have it sealed by our sealer and just cleaning it daily, not letting any oil, water, grease puddle on the countertop surfaces, which will leave rings and other marks. Never allow acidic liquids such as fruit juice, vinegar, or household cleaners come in contact with your natural stone countertops. Granite, limestone, and marbles are especially vulnerable to staining and can be damaged by acids through etching. Damage on certain natural stones can be irreversible.

Your countertops will NOT be treated with a sealer at the time of purchase. We strongly recommend you to include our 15 year sealer package at the time of the installation before any staining can occur. Our sealer penetrates natural stone, reducing absorption of staining agents such as coffee, red wine, oils and common household food and beverages. While most sealers are recommended to be applied periodically, our revolutionary premium sealer will last you 15 years! Please ask your sales associate to show you the difference between sealed vs unsealed countertops while you visit our showroom. You will be amazed how liquids do not get absorbed by the stone.

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