AY Magazine’s “Ask An Expert” Features Countertop World

AY Magazine needed someone who knows countertops for their “Ask An Expert” section in February’s edition, and they turned to Countertop World’s very own David McDougal.

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For now, we’ve copied the magazine Q & A below, or you can click the link to go to AY’s site.

Ask An Expert: Countertop World


Why should I consider replacing my countertops?

Updated countertops are a huge selling point if you are considering placing your home on the market. You also might be considering updating the look of your home, and countertops are a huge step in the right direction. You may also find maintenance or upkeep of your current countertops to be a hassle. With a wide variety of countertop materials and options, we can help find the best fit for design and function for your busy lifestyle.


What’s currently the most popular countertop material?

Quartz is currently the most popular due to the wide array of designs and specific colors available, as well as ease of maintenance. Natural stone is also still very popular as well for its one-of-a-kind uniqueness.


What’s the most durable countertop material?

Quartz and granite are both very durable. Quartz is the most stain-resistant on whites and lighter colors. Granite is the most resistant to heat.


What kind of maintenance should I expect on my countertops?

Quartz is maintenance-free. No need to seal, however, protection from heat should be used. Granite, quartzite and marble require sealing. Countertop World offers a 15-year sealer applied by a technician to ease your mind. We also offer a five-year or 10-year warranty through Granite Gold to cover all of life’s mishaps and ease your mind.


How long should I expect my countertops to last?

With proper knowledge of materials and maintenance, your countertops can last a lifetime. Our staff can provide all the knowledge needed to select the right material that will be sure to give you years of durability and satisfaction.


Why Countertop World?

Our staff has 100-plus years of combined experience to help you find the perfect fit for your family and lifestyle. We also offer a large selection of in-stock material to help make your decision easier. That, combined with state-of-the-art equipment for precision fabrication, makes Countertop World the place to go. Give us a call or stop by and let us help you get started.

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